Seismological Instrument And Networks

Trillium Compact Horizon

We’ve taken the proven Trillium Compact and made it even smaller and lighter, with no compromise in ruggedness or performance. This true broadband seismometer is ideal for both shallow direct burial and vault applications, where minimal size, weight and power are essential.

Performance and Versatility

The ultra-portable Trillium Compact Horizon maintains every aspect of the Trillium Compact performance while being the smallest and lightest model ever produced. At just over 1 kg, it is 1/3 of the weight of the direct-bury Trillium Compact Posthole. The updated design now meets a broader range of use cases, featuring a corrosion proof titanium housing that can be shallow buried up to 10 m depth.

Configuration & Build

Mindotama is able to provide the customer with the required system’s topology design, the customer can choose to have the system as a standalon

After Sales Support

Mindotama are able to provide maintenance for said products. The engineer will be able to assess the problems and either manages the maintenance


Mindotama is able to provide the customer with the required system’s topology design, the customer can choose to have the system as a standalone, or integrated to the customer’s power system.


We also provide Installation of the equipment for the customer. Mindotama have a lot of experience in installing products, whether it is for single station, regional network, or National Network.


Broadband Sensors installed for BMKG


Accelero Sensors Installed for BMKG


Precursor Magnetometers installed for BMKG


Intensity Meter installed for BMKG

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Titan SMA Accelerometer installed for Indonesia Power


Broadband Seismometer installed for CTBTO


P-Alert+ Intensity Meter Installation for BMKG


Raspberry shake installation BMKG.

Titan EA

The TitanEA is a strong motion Ethernet accelerograph with power-over ethernet and Network Timing capabilities specifically designed for networked deployments on or in large civil structures such as nuclear reactors, multi-story buildings, bridges, and hydro-electric dams.


Titan is a force balance triaxial accelerometer that provides exceptional performance over a wide frequency range from DC to 430 Hz

Titan PH

The Titan Posthole force balance triaxial accelerometer is ideally suited for national networks

Titan SMA

The TitanSMA is a strong motion accelerograph designed for high precision observational and structural engineering applications