Mindotama suite of products encompasses all the necessary components for the development of seismic networks for a variety of applications. The Trillium Compact, Trillium Ocean Bottom, Trillium 120PA, and Trillium 240 offer industry leading versatility and performance for weak motion seismic research while the Titan accelerometer and Titan AG accelerograph serve the strong motion research and civil defense fields.

When portability and versatility are required, the Taurus seismograph and Trident digitizer are the ideal products for scientists and research professionals. Both products offer industry-leading performance while providing the durability, convenience and feature sets required of field instruments.

The Libra II VSAT system was specifically designed for the transmission of seismic and environmental data from remote locations where site preparation can be a challenge. Mindotama expertise in seismic data management was applied to the development of Libra II system, resulting in a highly economical telemetry solution for seismic and environmental research applications.

Inherent to the success of any seismic or environmental network is the ability to effectively manage the steady flow of data being provided from field instruments. Mindotama has developed a suite of use-case specific software -Apollo- that facilitates the efficient acquisition and processing of network data.