Technical Support

Mindotama’s employs an easy to use interface to track and manage all support questions and equipment repairs.  Registered customers also have quick access to downloading application notes, product manuals, software updates, release notes, etc.

For customers that have not registered for an account, you can start enjoying all the benefits of our support portal by visiting us at:

There are two ways to register with our customer support website:

1. Send an email to, A user account will automatically be created.


2. Connect a web browser to, click the Register icon and provide the requested information.

These will automatically open a user account with access to Tickets. Every individual has a unique user account. When we review each account and associate it with a customer organization, the account gains access to all of the customer support resources available to that organization. The following resources are currently offered:

Tickets: A private question & answer forum with our Customer Support staff. Historic records of all correspondence can be reviewed through the portal.

RMA Tickets: Status of equipment repairs.

Downloads: Download manuals, software updates, release notes and application notes.

News: Technical news issues.

We continually populate our Knowledgebase with new articles and frequently asked questions. We welcome article suggestions at