Trillium Compact OBS

Trillium Compact Ocean Bottom Seismometer

The Trillium Compact Ocean Bottom Seismometer (OBS) is available in a titanium vessel for deployments to 6000m in depth and an optional aluminum vessel for shallow water deployments to 1800m. The Trillium Compact OBS also features a robust leveling gimbal that operates over a full 360┬░range allowing the seismometer to auto-level from all orientations. Leveling control is internal and can be scheduled or “as necessary” based on instrument tilt and mass position values. Both variants offer the full performance of the land based Trillium Compact broadband seismometer including its exceptional dynamic range and low noise floor. The system employs two separate connections: the primary analogue connection as well as a digital connection. The digital connection is intended for final system verification prior to deploying the OBS overboard without disturbing the primary connection. Internal state-of-health data provides valuable information on leveling cycles, leveling corrections and case orientation, information that can be used to understand the conditions experienced on the ocean floor leading to improved experiment design.


  • The precise, kinematic 360┬░gimbal auto-levels from any orientation ensuring successful deployment and implementation
  • SoH outputs include case orientation, providing a powerful data set for optimizing deployment techniques
  • The low profile design minimizes ocean current induced noise effects
  • Battery costs are reduced due to the ultra-low power consumption of just 180mw
  • A high performance, 120 second broadband seismometer that integrates with existing short period or mid-band infrastructure (platforms, power systems and digitizers)