Trillium 120 P/PA

Trillium 120 P/PA Broadband Seismometer

A compact portable sensor offering superior broadband performance over a wide temperature range with very low self noise. This low self-noise makes the Trillium 120P/PA ideal for local, regional and tele-seismic studies in both observatory and portable applications. Portable network users will appreciate the low power consumption and reliable operation over a temperature range of ±45ºC without re-centering.

The Trillium PA offers the added benefit of fast “one touch” motorized mass centering. Motorized mass centering simplifies seismometer installation and provides the option of remotely re-centering the masses via a telemetry connection.


  • Very broadband performance from a portable, low -power seismometer
  • Wide ranging temperature operations (+/-45°C) without re-centering
  • Switchable XYZ/UVW output to provide independent calibration of sensor axes
  • Simple operation with no mass lock to employ
  • Trillium PA offers the added benefit of motorized mass centering for rapid deployment and remote adjustment