About Us

Started from a small business that was created in 1989 by Mr Yakobus Kustianto and 2 Co- Founder, those three built PT. Mindotama Avia Teknik in 1996. Located in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, A country which have seen many earthquakes and other geological events, and from there, PT. Mindotama Avia Teknik has been involved in the maintenance of the Seismo Station, specifically the National Earthquake Stations in 5 Region in Indonesia, which are located in the island of Bali, Sulawesi, Papua, Sumatra, and Java.

After the very unfortunate Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake event that triggered the Tsunami that hit Banda Aceh and many other cities and countries in 2004, we started working and searching for the best earthquake sensors and systems, and continuously train our employees in order to be able to supply our customers, with the best solution and services in Seismological Technology, Earthquake Monitoring and the Tsunami Early Warning Systems.



    Internal :

  • Continuously improving level and value of services.
  • Continuously increasing the quality of our resources and Human Resources.
  • Increasing creativity and innovativeness in delivering our services.

    External :

  • To keep improving ourselves in service delivery for our customers.
  • Improving Customer satisfations.
  • Improving the quality of our administration processes to improve the quality and speed of the supply chain.

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