P-Alert is an advanced earthquake P-Wave detector system from Sanlien in Taiwan, and represented by MINDOTAMA in Indonesia.

P-Alert Plus

Palert+ is an improved version of Palert Network Accelerometer. It is reinforced in device protection to IP67, upgrading CUP computing speed, and increasing internal memory for waveform storage.

Titan SMA

The TitanSMA features the same sensor as the Titan Accelerometer with its low noise floor, exceptionally low hysteresis, and industry leading dynamic range.


Titan is a force balance triaxial accelerometer that provides exceptional performance over a wide frequency range from DC to 430 Hz.

Titan Posthole

The Titan Posthole force balance triaxial accelerometer is ideally suited for national networks

Titan EA

The TitanEA is a strong motion Ethernet accelerograph with power-over ethernet and Network Timing capabilities specifically designed for networked deployments on or in large civil structures such as nuclear reactors, multi-story buildings, bridges, and hydro-electric dams.