Our Centaur digital recorder simplifies high-performance seismic recordings for any deployment, portable or permanent, standalone or networked. The rugged Centaur offers redundant, fail-safe data archiving and removable storage and is suitable for broadband and passive sensors.

PX-01 Cube

Palert Cube is an intelligent wall-mounted earthquake alarm which can operate stand alone or through a network link to a central warning system. The PX-01 Controller receives details from either a group of Palert devices and/or via a central warning network.


Internal GPS antenna for outdoor installations. Best suited for active seismic measurement campaigns of up to two weeks with two D-cell alkaline batteries or long-term deployments with external power supply..


  • Type: Delta-Sigma 24 Bit
  • ADC resolution: 24 Bit per channel
  • ADC channels: 3
  • ADC dynamic range: 125db @ 100sps (128db @ 50sps)
  • Effective resolution: 22.4 bit @ 100sps @ gain 1 (typical)
  • Comunication Cube

    The CCUBE (Communication CUBE) is the optimal DATA-CUBE³ extension for near real-time seismic data streaming in miniSEED format (seedlink)..