Trillium Compact

The world’s best-selling broadband seismometer, the small highly portable Trillium Compact is available in several configurations to best suit your deployment

Trillium Compact Posthole

Don’t let your seismometer limit you. The Trillium Compact Posthole is a small, ruggedized, waterproof member of the industry-leading family of Trillium seismometers

Trillium Compact Horizon

We’ve taken the proven Trillium Compact and made it even smaller and lighter, with no compromise in ruggedness or performance.

Trillium 120 Borehole

TRILLIUM 120BOREHOLE SEISMOMETERNanometrics’ industry-leading portfolio of Trillium seismometers includes a borehole variant for deep-earth deployments in cased boreholes

Trillium Horizon

The second generation Horizon maintains all of the performance and capabilities of the first generation while reducing power consumption by over 50%

Trillium 120 Posthole

Nanometrics’ industry-leading portfolio of Trillium seismometers includes a posthole variant that is revolutionizing the way seismologists deploy instruments and collect seismic data