Surveys and System Design

Indonesia is a wide country with many types of environmental condition and different types of rocks and weathers, we are committed to search for the right equipment and products to fit the right type of environment, therefore Mindotama can give advice on which products fit the customer’s needs most, as well to provide the system design to fit the environmental condition, so we are able to provide the best results for the customers.

Configuration & Build

We stock a wide range of standard industrial technologies as well as supplying unique customer configurations. When a solution design is finalised, we source the components and build the system, from customized sub-assemblies to complete computer solutions.

Integration & Installation

Mindotama is able to provide the customer with the required system’s topology design, the customer can choose to have the system as a standalone, or integrated to the customer’s power system. Mindotama also have a lot of experience when it comes to integrating many products into one system, therefore, if the customer already had existing system (Old system), the customer didn’t have to replace the whole system, only a part of the system that needs changing, and integrate it into one system.

We also provide Installation of the equipment for the customer. Mindotama have a lot of experience in installing products, whether it is for single station, regional network, or National Network.

After Sales Support

Mindotama are able to provide maintenance for said products. The engineer will be able to assess the problems and either manages the maintenance, or they could bring it to our main office to be repaired. Mindotama also have partnerships with the vendor/seller, therefore we are able to provide the second level technical support and repair from them. (Including replacement in the warranty period).