The Titan is a force balance triaxial accelerometer that provides exceptional performance over a wide frequency range from DC to 430 Hz and features industry leading dynamic range and ultra-low self-noise performance that is comparable to that of some broadband seismometers. As the first accelerometer to incorporate digitally selectable full scale range and offset zeroing capabilities; the Titan's features are ideal for difficult to access or remote deployments, where site visits should be minimized. The triaxial sensor and electronics are housed in a rugged, compact aluminum enclosure featuring a single bolt anchoring slot, adjustable leveling screws and integrated bubble level.

Industry Leading Performance Attributes:

Ease of use advantages:

Combine the Titan with the Centaur digitizer to achieve a complete data acquisition and recording system that is suitable for deployment in both remote and networked locations.

Titan accelerometer connected to and powered by a Centaur digitizer

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