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By admin • April 27th, 2011

Trillium Compact Broadband Seismometer

The Trillium Compact combines the superior performance of a broadband seismometer with the installation convenience of a rugged geophone. Measuring only 5.04 inches in height and requiring no mass lock or mass centering, the Trillium Compact is easily deployed and minimizes site preparation and associated costs.  The instrument incorporates a symmetric tri-axial force feedback sensor design with a response flat to velocity from 120 seconds to 100 Hz.


Trillium Compact All-Terain Broadband Seismometer

The Trillium Compact All-terrain Seismometer is an ultra-low power broadband seismometer specifically developed for deployments where long-term site stability is questionable, or where the ability to prepare a sensor footing is limited, such as volcanoes, ice fields, and glaciers. Incorporating a robust and reliable leveling gimbal that operates over a full 360° range, the Compact All-terrain will auto-level from all orientations ensuring continuous operation even in a constantly changing environment. The All-terrain seismometer features the performance of the Trillium Compact seismometer, including its exceptional dynamic range and low noise floor.


Trillium Compact OBS

The Trillium Compact Ocean Bottom Seismometer (OBS) is available in a titanium vessel for deployments to 6000m in depth and an optional aluminum vessel for shallow water deployments to 1800m.  The Trillium Compact OBS also features a robust leveling gimbal that operates over a full 360°range allowing the seismometer to auto-level from all orientations. Leveling control is internal and can be scheduled or “as necessary” based on instrument tilt and mass position values.  Both variants offer the full performance of the land based Trillium Compact broadband seismometer including its exceptional dynamic range and low noise floor.   The system employs two separate connections: the primary analogue connection as well as a digital connection.  The digital connection is intended for final system verification prior to deploying the OBS overboard without disturbing the primary connection. Internal state-of-health data provides valuable information on leveling cycles, leveling corrections and case orientation, information that can be used to understand the conditions experienced on the ocean floor leading to improved experiment design.


Trillium 120 P/PA Broadband Seismometer

A compact portable sensor offering superior broadband performance over a wide temperature range with very low self noise. This low self-noise makes the Trillium 120P/PA ideal for local, regional and tele-seismic studies in both observatory and portable applications. Portable network users will appreciate the low power consumption and reliable operation over a temperature range of ±45ºC without re-centering.

The Trillium PA offers the added benefit of fast “one touch” motorized mass centering. Motorized mass centering simplifies seismometer installation and provides the option of remotely re-centering the masses via a telemetry connection.


Trillium 120 Posthole Broadband Seismometer

The Trillium 120PH Posthole Seismometer is a very broadband seismometer designed for down-hole deployments at depths to 30 meters. The instrument is housed in a stainless steel enclosure incorporating a high-pressure marine grade connector making it ideally suited to uncased posthole installations. An advanced leveling system allows the unit to operate over a tilt range of +/-10 degrees. The Trillium 120PH is ideal for local, regional and tele-seismic studies having a response flat to velocity from 120 seconds to 145 Hz and a self noise below the NLNM from 35 seconds to 10 Hz. Operators will appreciate the low power consumption, remote mass centering and robust no-mass lock design inherent in all Trillium seismometers.


Trillium 240 Broadband Seismometer

The Trillium 240 is one of the highest performing weak motion seismometers in the world. An exceptional very broadband low noise seismometer, the Trillium 240 is ideally suited to portable and fixed network applications.  Trillium 240 has a response flat to velocity from 240 seconds to 35 Hz and a self-noise below the NLNM from 100 seconds to 10 Hz.


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