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Taurus Digital Seismograph

Designed to interface with almost any sensor, the Taurus offers industry leading performance and versatility in a field portable seismograph.  This lightweight, hand-held instrument can record continuous data for over 800 days operating at a mere 750mw.  Consisting of a high resolution 24-bit ADC, a precision GPS clock, and removable internal storage capabilities of up to 64G, the Taurus combines all the attributes of a stand-alone recorder with the benefits of internet and wireless communications.  User interface is simplified through an integrated colour graphics display and a five-button keypad providing instant access to real-time or recorded data.  MiniSEED files are recorded directly to FAT32 formatted removable media (Compact Flash), allowing users to seamlessly transfer files to a PC or laptop for immediate analysis.

The Taurus simplifies field deployments by eliminating the need for auxiliary peripherals such as laptops and breakout boxes.


  • Broadband Seismic Studies
  • Emergency Networks
  • Strong Motion Studies
  • Aftershock Studies
  • Seismic Networking via Internet
  • Controlled source recording
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Infrasound Data Acquisition
  • Local Site Storage in Libra VSAT  Networks


Trident Digitizer

The Trident is an industry leading digitiser, designed for use with the Taurus Portable Seismograph or Cygnus transceiver.  The Trident features 24 bit performance in a compact, robust package offering typical dynamic range of 142 dB.  The Trident Digitiser’s versatility allows for an optimal network design flexibility.  Numerous Trident digitisers can be daisy-chained to form a multi-channel system.  Such scalability makes Trident well suited to fixed, portable and structural monitoring networks.  Because the Trident Digitiser includes comprehensive seismometer control functions, it allows for seismometer mass centering, mass positioning, monitoring and calibration from a central site: eliminating the need for frequent site visits.

Since the Trident is not packaged with communications interface and timing systems, it can be deployed within the seismometer vault’s temperature stable environment for improved long period performance and superior data quality.
In addition, the Trident Digitiser supports bi-directional data communications, timing and power distribution, allowing for a simple twisted-pair NMXbus cable between the digitiser and the communications interface.  This feature eliminates the need to use long RF and GPS cables to accommodate the positioning of GPS, VSAT or RF antenna: reducing cost and increasing site configuration options.



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