Taurus/Trillium Compact Transport and Deployment Case

The Taurus/Trillium Compact Transport and Deployment Case provides an integrated and convenient solution for the transport and deployment of the Taurus and Trillium Compact or Titan. The case also includes support for stand-alone operation with one or two 16 Ah rechargeable lithium batteries and optional solar charging system.


Trillium Compact Transport/Installation Case

When transporting the sensor, the case provides shock protection for reliable handling under the most demanding field conditions. At site, the same case serves as a thermal insulating sensor cover, providing a consistent operational environment ensuring the highest quality data.

Trillium 120P/PA Seismic Transport Station

Customers now have the option of purchasing a complete seismic station in a field-ready transport case. This compact package includes the seismometer, cables, Taurus handheld data acquisition system, solar panels and batteries.  Everything required to deploy the station is housed within the transport case making it ideal for short and medium term deployments.
The case is made of high impact ABS plastic and incorporates robust wheels and an extendable handle. Custom cut foam inserts provide protection for a Trillium 40 or 120 seismometer, Taurus and solar panels. Solar options include 18 and 36 watt designs. The overall small size of the case is made possible by the unique design of the Trillium sensor which requires less foam padding than competitive sensors and the very small size of the Taurus acquisition system.  The transport case includes a side-mounted cable gland which allows the Taurus, battery and charge regulator to be installed in the case during field deployment. The sensor, GPS and solar panel cables are passed through this gland which ensures a water tight seal.
The case design is suitable for rough handling including transport as checked baggage on commercial airlines.


Ultra-flexible Cable

Thin, ultra-flexible double-shielded seismometer cables are available from Nanometrics.

The very small bending radius cable is designed and manufactured by Nanometrics to support ease of installation in tight seismometer vault environments and to eliminate strain and vibration induced noise.  The thin (9 mm O.D.), lightweight, and ultra flexible properties of the cable make it very easy to manipulate, especially in extremely cold environments.
Trillium to Nanometrics Taurus or Trident digitizer and Trillium to open-end cable (for use with third-party digitizers) cables are available. Standard lengths include 3, 6, 15 and 25 meters. Other lengths are available upon request. All Nanometrics supplied seismometer cables include 90° right angle seismometer end connectors for added strain relief and lower profile installations.