Apollo Data Processing


Atlas was developed by Nanometrics as an interactive data processing package for extracting, locating, and organizing digital seismograph data from Earthworm databases, SEED files, Nanometrics DataServer and Nanometrics Stores.read more..



Response Hydra is used for the detection, processing and reporting of worldwide earthquakes by the National Earthquake Information Center. Response Hydra acquires real-time seismic data from the Nanometrics NaqServer utility and/or SeedLink Server utilities.read more..



Binder is a shared network utility that allows Nanometrics applications to pair instrument data with seismic station metadata. This pairing allows each channel in the application to be uniquely identified with a station-channel name and location code (SCNL) for binding with locations and/ or instruments.read more..



Athena Enterprise is a cataloging and notification system for earthquake monitoring networks that can be accessed via any web browser. Athena allows the distribution of near real-time and fully processed earthquake data via a wide range of channels or routes including email, SMS, RSS news feeds, web pages, and Google EarthTM or Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) mapping screen displays.read more..