Mindotama strives to provide its customers with professional installation services that ensure the highest degree of success from day one. We offer a variety of flexible installation services to meet varying customer objectives and timelines. These services are built on best practices and deep industry experience to drive a high return on investment for our customers read more..


Users that undertake Mindotama system training and learning opportunities experience better working networks, higher data availability and lower operating costs.

Deployment of real-time seismic networks represents an important financial and institutional investment. Ensuring the network operates at the highest efficiency and availability, while easy to achieve, requires the involvement of well-trained personnel. A training program is an investment with substantial return for the network owner. read more..

Network Management Services

Mindotama network performance evaluation service consists of a thorough seismic network performance analysis and comprehensive optimization recommendations. The report provides a summary of the network performance statistics and identifies opportunities for optimizing the network performanceread more..

Network Monitoring Services

Mindotama offers continuous, automated central recording facility (CRF) monitoring with automatic notification and event-handling more..