Network Management Services

Network Performance Evaluation
Mindotama’s network performance evaluation service consists of a thorough seismic network performance analysis and comprehensive optimization recommendations. The report provides a summary of the network performance statistics and identifies opportunities for optimizing the network performance.

PT. Mindotama Avia Teknik will remotely analyze the performance of each station in the network including:

  • Data availability,
  • Real-time and historic state-of-health values,
  • Seismic data waveforms,
  • Software log files,
  • Configuration,
  • Firmware and software versions.

Resulting report will outline the following:

  • Overall network performance overview and statistics
  • Network performance statistical trends (if applicable – continuous monitoring use case)
  • Categorized list of problematic stations and CRF issues (data availability, power, communications, seismic data, throughput, latency etc.) including
  • supporting documentation (SOH plots, spectrum analyzer plots, software log file entries etc.)

Recommendations will include:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to optimize the network including prioritization.
  • Configuration evaluation (utilizing detailed SOH data to evaluate TDMA frame length, slot throughput, station distribution, picking parameters etc.)
  • Identification of potential future failure modes given SOH trending