Network Monitoring Services

PT. Mindotama Avia Teknik offers continuous, automated central recording facility (CRF) monitoring with automatic notification and event-handling capability.

PT. Mindotama Avia Teknik will monitor the following in real-time:

  • CRF networking and routing (continuous checks of all routers, switches, servers and IP devices)
  • Workstation performance (CPU load, memory usage, disk space usage, system logs, system clock sync)
  • Running software processes (system utilities, Mindotama software packages, third-party software, system and other services)
  • Seismic software performance (Hydra/Earthworm picking, event detection)

Real Time Notifications:

  • Notify of issues in real time for immediate correction.
  • Send email or SMS notifications to the local staff (optional)
  • Automatically fix problems that do not require manual intervention (restarting utilities or services, uploading correct configurations etc.)

Customized Reporting:

The service can also be configured to provide highly customizable daily reports that summarize:

  • System performance statistics (software uptime, restarts, outages, configuration changes etc.)
  • Channel picking statistics (high/low frequency)
  • Event detection statistics (local, regional, tele-seismic)
  • SOH event statistics (threshold crossings, instrument alerts)